With the website almost done, I'm now reading up more and more on marketing strategies. Surprisingly, I found quite a bit of interesting charts on Pinterest. I say surprisingly because I've always thought of Pinterest as a site to share mouthwatering dishes or the hair you dream of having. I never for one second thought it could be a place of information.

After reading and studying marketing ideas, I realized that a wide connection circle is probably the most important thing in starting your business. Being an introvert, I wasn't to pleased to find that out (though I kind of knew on some level). And so I set out to meet new people and connect with the world a bit more.

My first stop was LinkedIn. Now LinkedIn is a bit of a gray area for me. I've had an account for a while but never really saw the point of me having one.

It turns out to be a great tool to grow your circle and meet potential clients.

After updating my profile a bit(still a lot of work to be done) I decided to add a few new connections. If you were someone I knew of someone from the area chances are, I connected with you.

Next interesting thing on my list: To promote their sites,new entrepreneurs send personalized emails to people they know. Something simple but from the heart telling them about their project and the reason they started their business, along with a request to visit their page, give them feedback and pass the word along.

Although it's a tedious task, I like the idea. I think it could be worth it.hmm...