Content building is now a key element in most business. With social media having such a big part in our lives, it's no wonder we utilize it to market our brands. However, spamming our name out to the world is not enough to get attention from potential clients. Our job as entrepreneurs is not only to market but also to educate and entertain. That means getting creative with content.

Here are six characteristics of good content.

1.Be Truthful
Good writing is all about telling the truth. It should feature real situations, real emotions and facts. Unless you're writing a fictitious short story, your content should not be about storytelling. Good content is telling a true story well.

2.Be Relevant
When writing you should have a message to send. Think about the purpose of your content. Why are you taking time to write it? What will it accomplish? Will it be helpful to anyone? Or will it make someone laugh? Try to resume your post in one sentence to help you focus on the subject.

3.Be Human
Content, needs a human element. Remember, the people reading your post are...well...people! You need to connect with them if you want a following. So start talking on their level. If you're a web developer writing for your potential clients, chances are your gibberish is foreign to them. Explain yourself clearly and maybe get someone who isn't in your field of work to revise your content before sending it.

4.Be Passionate
In other words, you have to care! If you don't care about the subject, it will bleed through your writing and your audience will lose interest quickly.

5.Be Original
Being original doesn't mean reinventing the wheel. You don't have to spend hours on end trying to perfect a totally new theory for you to have content. The message you're trying to send is probably already out there, just put your own spin on it. Give it a new voice, one that caters to your audience. Combine text, audio, video and images to keep your content fresh.

6.Be Surprising
Good content encourages curiosity. You want to invite people to read and once in a while hit them with something mind-blowing. Maybe a statistic or a punchline that will make them want to share the information. Add an element of surprise (or an image of a cute puppy) and your post will be more likely to go viral.

Following these guidelines will enhance how your audience perceives you and your company. You content will be more likely to appeal to them on so many different levels. Try it out!